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Pajaro Mural



What is the slump mold method?

In ceramics, the slump mold is one of several ways to build a form. Other methods include the press mold, the coil, the wheel thrown form and the poured mold. For the coffee mug project we will roll out a slab, cut it to size, and wrap it around a cylindrical form to get our basic shape for the mug. Then we attach the bottom and handle.

Coffee Cups and Teapots

The assignment we are starting on today and that is due Oct 19th is to make a set of two coffee cups, and a teapot with two matching teacups. The overall idea is to create things that go together like words in a sentence. So all items of the set will have something in common such as similar form, texture, color, theme etc. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, lets look at the picture of a teapot set shown here on the home page of my blog. This teapot set was made by a Chinese student in my class last year. Notice the relationship among the 3 items and how they reflect upon each other by way of the repeated square, the repeated color, the consistent smooth finish, alternating size, alternating sequence of color. Finally, the three items of the set look similar yet different.

Give it a try!




  • When is clay not ceramics?

    Have you wondered why this class is called Ceramics and not Clay Sculpture, Clay modeling,

    Claymation, Pottery?  There must be a difference between the term clay and the term ceramics.

    What is it?


    Mr. Rodriguez

    Why is bone dry clay so fragile?

    You may have seen how fragile clay is when bone dry. Have you seen pieces or whole sections of a project fall off merely because its picked up or set down?
    Why is that? As you work the clay today think: How will my work withstand the ordinary handling of my piece by someone other that myself?

    Mr. Rodriguez

    Is your work reflecting your character?

    As you work on your project consider that with clay you have the opportunity to make an impression on the clay and that the clay will keep that impression for a long time. So, what you are thinking or feeling as you work with clay today will likely leave an impression for a long time. If you are feeling impatient, hurried,
    distracted, or if you are patient and focused will be reflected in your work.

    Mr Rodriguez