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Essential Question: What does 3 D mean in art?

by on August 23, 2012

In the physical world, we normally think of 3D in art as an object such as a sculpture. So, it would have height, width, and depth. 2D would be the same object without the depth, or otherwise flat. And the 1D object would be just a straight line.

The essential question is how can artists create 3d art unless the artists are 3D
in character? So it would seem that an artist has a 3D character. Are we not the sum of what we think or believe, our physical characteristics, and the society we live in?

So if we want to create 3D art our art needs to reflect how we feel, think, believe,
who we are and what we do in daily life, and our relationship to the world we live in.

Just a 3 dimensional thought.

Mr Rodriguez


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