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Essential Question for today

by on August 22, 2012

What does it mean to create, What is creativity?

When I stop and think about this question I rely on my Christian understanding of creativity. God created many things. But how and why, and what does it mean?  We create things but what does that mean?

Basically,  to create is to make what is unseen seen. Is that not why God created the Garden of Eden?

So we humans could see that perfection and beauty came not from us but from Him?  Just a thought

I wanted to share with you for today. Keep thinking about today.


Mr Rodriguez


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  1. Taylor Pope-Williams permalink

    I said in class early today that creativity is making something out of nothing. We performed this when we were little children and that was we made up our own entertainment from the playground to streets outside our house (tag, sports, riding bycicles, etc.). It starts with an idea with further elaboration, then experimentation, then the “final”product. The reason why i placed it in quotation is to symbolize, that because man is finite, he will not striving for perfection.

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